Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Refinished Chair

Okay, so before I explain about refinishing old furniture being my favorite thing to do now, I have to explain the story behind the chair... Because mom and I shop so much at little thrift stores, usually the same ones too, I tend to pick items and wait for them to go on sale. At our favorite thrift store, I had been eyeing this chair for the past 3 months. Also, my mom really could not see what I saw in the chair, as it definitely had a... "patina" of sorts. :) Some paint, gorgeous recycled fabric, and 2 hours later, I finished my first refinished furniture piece! I'm really stoked and can't wait to make some more when I find some more pieces to work on. I feel a little guilty about fixing this chair though, because once I ripped off the old seat fabric, turns out it was from the 1920's!

Found on Fremont!

I've been so busy this last few weeks because of midterms! It's been pretty hard to focus with so much going on too. I've been waiting all week to blog and start working in the studio... Well, without further ado, here's the big news: Mom and I signed a contract to have a space at 'Found on Fremont', where we've started selling our handmade jewelry and vintage collectibles! We're so excited! It's really the most perfect spot to be, because our jewelry fits in so well.  As avid thrifty shoppers we are constantly collecting. It's been a lot of fun shopping at estate sales and flea markets for things to fill up the space. We didn't even realize how much space we had until later. Turns out we need to start looking for more shelves. Everyone at Found has such beautiful booths and they really know how to present and fill up all of their space. This weekend is our first weekend in the shop, and we have our fingers crossed that everyone will be out shopping on Fremont! :)

Check out their website and facebook links here:

Found on Fremont

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jewelry for thought

Seems like I'm always posting about jewelry made from doll parts of some sort on here, but I just couldn't pass this website up. I promise I don't think about making jewelry made to look like body parts all the time!

I'm actually pretty impressed with the whole site. General Valentine is a jewelry blog/site, and they post really fantastic jewelry of all styles. Of course I was just drawn to the slightly bizarre... :)

Check out this great post on metal work and old barbie parts: