Tuesday, December 18, 2018

T'was a Decent December

Figured I'd try to get one more blog post in for 2018. Per usual, I haven't been crafting or making anything new outside of jewelry... but life has been busy. I aged another year and spent it in Hawaii! Such a beautiful place! It was my first trip that I didn't want to come home from. Truly paradise and I'm already plotting my return.
Beautiful Hawaii - where I got my first sunburn in DECEMBER!
I never really used to get excited about Christmas because I'm more of a Hallow-queen, but my space partner and I really went all out this year. We dedicated an entire space to it this year and I loved how it turned out. I even ended up decorating my house with more than just a Christmas tree! 
Red & Green Bonanza (plus white because I'm a magpie for milkglass)  
I've been continuing to fill/merchandise two spaces at Found on Fremont, manage two etsy shops, and a clothing resale storefront on Poshmark. The 'side hussle' is real. I remember starting these side businesses while I was in college as a way to pay my way through. It's funny that it's become such a FUN hobby nowadays. It's also a perk that it brings in a little income too. I love hitting the flea market and checking out thrift stores in obscure locations. I literally drove twenty minutes in Hawaii just to find their Goodwill in hopes of finding some unique vintage loot.  

Obviously, I enjoy my 'side hussle' vintage resale, crafty goodness, etc., but it's also been a busy month for my 9-5 career too. Last week I started a new job with the Water Bureau, doing more of the same with construction management . It's exciting to move onto clean water after spending my first years out of college with wastewater. Going to have to get some new 'dad jokes' for clean water at some point... help? ;)