Friday, November 22, 2013

New Space at Found!

Haven't posted in a really long time. School is almost out for winter break soon, so I'll be posting new creations around then. There has been no time to craft or make things with this semester being so challenging. 

Big update: I had been contemplating being a vintage vendor in some shops around town, but I wasn't sure which local store would be okay with handmade and vintage items being sold together. So, I went back to Found on Fremont where mom's space is and leased out another space because Found on Fremont is great for vintage, resale, and handmade items. My new space is about three times bigger than my old shelf space and I'm trying to make it more cutesy for some of the more mature shoppers at Found. So far things have been going great and I'm really pleased with how cute my new space is. I think the J'reyesha banner and the signage really helps shoppers see my space. 

If you live in Portland, come visit Found on Fremont! :)