Sunday, September 30, 2012

Heirloom Tomatoes and Skeletons

Haven't been working the studio as much as I would like, but still managing to thrift for the shop and garden a bit. Surprisingly, Portland hasn't rained in almost a month. I'm not sure I like it. In fact, I kind of miss muggy cold days. And, I really miss wearing sweaters and boots! Though, if it were sweater and boot weather, I wouldn't be getting these tomatoes or dahlias this far into fall.

Yellow Brandywines, Mortgage Lifters, and Hillbilly Potato Leaf Heirloom Tomatoes! 
Don't you just love the names of heirloom tomatoes. :)

Also, with Halloween on the way, I have been getting ready some of my old Dia De Los Muertos artwork from high school to put in the shop. Gonna put these old friends in the shop this week. Though, I'm a little attached to my marigold holding skeletons at the gates of heck. I may have to whip out some old inspirations to make some more festive art.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Last Thursday, Domino Tiles, and new Leather Earrings

School has started again, much to my chagrin. Too much calculus and too much physics, but because it's the beginning of the year I've still had time to go in the studio. I even had time to attend the last Last Thursday on Alberta of the summer. At the show, I put my latest domino/stamp pendant necklaces for sale. Since I've started collecting stamps, I have been saving a few for pendants because they are just so pretty and detailed. Mom found a baggie full of vintage dominoes at a yard sale and I've been making a few pendants whenever I can.

I've also started selling my leather earrings on etsy, rather than just at Found on Fremont. I had searched the leather earring tag and realized that there were not a lot of affordable leather earrings sale and some even looked commercially made from a merchandiser. I sold a few of my etsy leather earring collection at the Last Thursday show, but the five pairs I started with are shown below. I've been experimenting with new layers and some of the other leather colors ( I usually stick to red and brown)