Monday, November 27, 2017

A Year Passed and Seasons were 'Found'

Not going to apologize for almost a year of not blogging...

During this lapse of internet presence, I have been to San Fran to visit the Keane museum (eventually I'll post about this fabulous place and all that it means to me), traveled to England/Ireland/Scotland, am officially an Engineer-in-Training, been promoted to a Construction Manager, and have actively engaged in an alternative institution, called the Flying University, with some amazing colleagues of mine.

Crafting landmarks have included - teaching myself to use my sewing machine, completing two cosplays (Catwoman / Alana from Saga), purchasing my first dress form, and falling back in love with making jewelry! I have a lot to learn with sewing and I'm hoping to break out some vintage patterns soon, but I am so excited to have a new craft.

All the while, I've been running a small vintage business with my fellow vending partner - Blind Cat Vintage. Lots of etsy listings, long weekends thrifting, and constant redecorating has left our space looking pretty snazzy through the seasons. Thought I'd share our booth's seasons at 'Found on Fremont'... Check us out on instagram: @blindcatvintage

Halloween is our thing - this display was out at the beginning of September and lasted until nearly Thanksgiving. Creepy clown dolls, kitschy halloween books, and jack-o-lantern anything is super fun to shop for. This display would have been better if I hadn't hoarded the goods to decorate my own house.

Thanksgiving, or Turkey Day - We agreed 70's power colors and any bird seemed festive enough for this holiday. 

I've been told our space looks like Christmas "threw up" on it, but I like to take that as an endearing compliment. For two grinches, my space partner and I, really went all out for Christmas. Shop local this season!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I missed Christmas too

Yep, I'm blogging about Christmas in January, because December flew by and I never took the time to share anything here... But, I have to post about the holidays because we had a cute Christmas display at Found on Fremont and I had my first Christmas in my house - where I discovered I LOVE shopping for ornaments. 
Evidence of Christmas display at Found On Fremont - featuring tinsel tree, matador, and Santa mice :D 
Evidence of my first Christmas tree. Not shown are the approx. 20 more ornaments I managed to cram on this mini tree. Next year's tree will be BIGGER.

For the new year, my vending partner and I revamped the space a tad. I got rid of a ton of items to make room for the new wave of vintage finds and I'll be posting new items on etsy soon. Not a lot of updates on the crafting front... jewelry has been made and looms have been warped (but, pictures have not been taken, so alas - you see nothing).

Post Christmas display - Thinkin' pink