Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I missed Christmas too

Yep, I'm blogging about Christmas in January, because December flew by and I never took the time to share anything here... But, I have to post about the holidays because we had a cute Christmas display at Found on Fremont and I had my first Christmas in my house - where I discovered I LOVE shopping for ornaments. 
Evidence of Christmas display at Found On Fremont - featuring tinsel tree, matador, and Santa mice :D 
Evidence of my first Christmas tree. Not shown are the approx. 20 more ornaments I managed to cram on this mini tree. Next year's tree will be BIGGER.

For the new year, my vending partner and I revamped the space a tad. I got rid of a ton of items to make room for the new wave of vintage finds and I'll be posting new items on etsy soon. Not a lot of updates on the crafting front... jewelry has been made and looms have been warped (but, pictures have not been taken, so alas - you see nothing).

Post Christmas display - Thinkin' pink