Monday, September 10, 2018

Texas Visit and Awaiting Fall (Basically just Halloween)

Took some time to visit family in Texas over the Labor Day weekend. I hadn't been in almost ten years and it was long overdue. My dad's family - going back to my great-great-great grandma is from Daingerfield, Texas. A small town about 2.5 hours driving from Dallas.
Proof that I didn't spell the town wrong. :) 
I thought I was going to spend a lot of time studying for my upcoming Professional Engineering (PE) exam, given that there is hardly any phone service/wifi connection out in remote parts of Texas. Instead, found myself spending most of the trip talking and learning about my family's history, which is truly fascinating. No crafting, no studying, no thrifting for vintage goods - just good old family history and bonding. Couldn't be happier.
Also - going to share this picture of my family's church. Out in Daingerfield, there's a small, but active community that still meets here. Church built and originated by my family on their farm.
I have to give kudos to sweet Texas for the Southern charm. Everyone was SO nice. 

Upon returning home, I was glad to see that the weather in Portland has returned to a lovely 70 degrees with some chances of rain. Fall is coming and I'm excited for my favorite season. Actually, more excited for my favorite holiday. My halloween decorations are already up around my house and I was stoked to see my vending partner at Found on Fremont is just as ready for Halloween as I am. Came back to restock and saw this lovely display of spooky vintage goodness!
Rats, owls, apothecary bottles, doll parts and Stephen King. Halloween spread is on point this year.