Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holidays at Found on Fremont

I have been trying to stop in at Found on Fremont more often since I have a space there. Every time I visit, it seems like there is always something new. I get so inspired by some of the wonderful displays and crafts the vendors come up with. Thought I would showcase one of my favorite vendors at Found in this post. :) Mom has some of her jewelry and I try to get a piece of her collage work for mom during gift giving holidays as often as I can. This vendor's space is brilliant and beautifully creative! And, I'm so impressed that almost all the things she sells are handmade!

 And, mom's space has been looking super festive! I know Christmas is over, but I like to think the holiday spirit can last a bit into January. :) Vintage ornaments, origami, wreaths, and a petite little tree!