Sunday, November 25, 2012

Antique Alley, Hattie's Sweet Shop, and New Etsy Listings!

I haven't blogged in a while because school has been taking up so much time. But, this weekend I got to spend some time at Antique Alley, one of my favorite antique stores in Portland. While I was there I found the coolest poster. I'm going to see if I can find another online and buy it for my room. I just love Aunt Sam's femme sign earrings. I'd love to have a pair of those. I need to do some research and see why and when this poster was made. It's just too awesome!

Also, a new candy shop opened by Found on Fremont! It's called Hattie's and they sell every kind of candy you can think of, including these 'Jelly Babies'! Apparently, one of the original Doctor Who's used to eat them in the show. For the longest time my mom talked about them and I didn't know they actually existed. Well, they do and they're delicious! The candy store is the cutest and I can predict lots of my money is going towards licorice malties and jelly babies... :) 
Check out their website here:

Also, just added a ton of new things on my etsy store! I now have a vintage category. I'm moving out of Found on Fremont soon and transitioning to etsy for everything.
Check out my new listings here:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Night Porch Decorations

I haven't made anything new as of late, but I just wanted to show our porch decorations from Halloween. Mom went all out with candles up our pathway and glitter snow globes. I'd like to think the decorations helped bring trick-or-treaters to our door because we had a whopping 15 kids that night, which is about 5 times more than we usually have... 

I absolutely love the glitter pumpkin faces mom put on our pumpkins. 
Purple glitter is the best contrast on a pumpkin!