Monday, August 26, 2013

Beach Trip Finds and Back to School

It seems like summer came and went too quickly. Can't believe I'm back in school already. I feel like I ended summer with a pleasant productiveness though.

I spent my last days off with summer at the beach with my family, where I spent most of my evenings crafting. I created a whole new line of leather jewelry and made about twenty new bows, all of which will be available on etsy and in local store, Found on Fremont, soon.

Both mom and I beach combed early in the morning too! I was able to find so many beautiful rocks and shell pieces. I'm working on making some more natural styled jewelry using some of the stones I found. My favorite are the rocks with holes in them. When I was little, I used to adore fairies and a book I had read said that rocks with holes are the only way humans can see fairies. So, I pretty much found the fairy seeing jackpot at the beach! :) I think the rocks will make awesome pendants, especially when I add some charms and things to them. 

Outside of crafting, I spent a good amount of time gardening this summer. This was my first summer working in our garden without the rest of my family, so I can't say it was a good crop this year... probably attributed to my not so green thumb. But, I'm very proud of how lovely everything grew, despite the lack of fruit. What I did master, however, was growing corn! I can't even begin to count how many people stopped to stare at the towering corn stalks around our yard. It may have looked a little funny in an urban neighborhood, but the corn was delicious. So, though we had few beans and tomatoes, tiny peppers, and only about 4 carrots... at least we had some amazing corn. 

I also thought I'd take the time to talk about Found on Fremont. Mom's displays have been getting better and better. And, it seems like her space keeps acquiring more and more interesting things. I took some pictures of my favorite areas in mom's space. 

This one displays a local artist's hand drawn cards. I think the vintage accessories and jewelry look lovely with the artist's colorful work. 

I love this vintage vanity set and the way the old pictures and gloves are displayed with them. 
Come visit Found on Fremont for more treasures, vintage goods, and gifts. :)