Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wedding, Married, Done!

So, now for the post I've been waiting to write about, my WEDDING!

On July 25th, 2015 I married my best friend after being engaged for a year and half. I'm still reeling that I'm a married woman and that I have a h-u-s-b-a-n-d! Anyway, as typical crafter I had a lot of handmade accents to my wedding that I wanted to share with you all here.

Surprisingly, most of the planning and crafting for the wedding occurred about two weeks before. I spent that first week avoiding all the big things like hemming my dress, ordering my bouquet, etc, and made a bunch of accents. 

I made table cards for the food served at the wedding - paper and scrapbooking scissors!
Hand painted my table number cards. Honestly not my best fonts, but hectic times call for a lack of perfectionism. 

One of my fabulous bridesmaids helped me make these adorable bow napkin and fork assemblages. They went in the center of the plates, holding the napkin and the fork for the food. I also made my flower girl's basket using some faux flowers and fun wire vinery. 

One of my favorite hand made aspects of the wedding was my broom. "Jumping the Broom" is a tradition from the time of slavery when black slaves were not legally allowed to get married. Jumping the broom gave a sentimental way to validate their marriages and represents jumping into a new life together. Nowadays, many black Americans use jumping the broom as a way to show remembrance to our ancestors and a reminder for a time when our marriages were not sanctioned. I made my broom from an asian supermarket broom, glitter, ribbon, and lots of faux flowers. I wish I had a better picture of it!

Now, we're getting to the aspects of the wedding I didn't make. Following tradition of boutonnieres for the important men of the two families and corsages for the important women of the families, we realized that finding florists to make these outside of prom dates is a little difficult. So, my always craftier-than-I mom made all the boutonnieres and corsages for everyone. Shown below are a couple samples. They turned out lovely - all faux flowers! 


Also, shown in pocket pocket above are handmade pocket squares from my coworker. 

She makes pocket squares with two sides and has some really fun material. 
They are such great quality and she sells them on her etsy shop here:
I told her my wedding colors, she found the fabric, brought me samples, and they came out perfect. Her etsy shop name when it's active is usually called: PrivilegedPocket <-- Cute name too!

And, lastly - photography was done by a family friend with a small photography business. Photographer, Donnell Cox and his assistant, Savanah Lacey, took my wedding pictures. They got some great pictures and edited them to match my wedding colors.