Thursday, February 5, 2015

February at Found at Fremont

Hi all,

It has been forever since I last posted. My final semester of college has come upon me and time for craftiness hasn't been easy. However, my schedule has been starting to open up, so I've been working on a few projects. One of which is my new space at Found on Fremont. I'll be moving into a smaller, but more open space in March, but this month I'm experimenting with a larger space to finally sell some of my refurbished furniture. 

Here are the results for this month's space. I even went with a more specific pastel colored theme this time. I think it's a lot less cluttered than my previous space. 

Anyway, I'll try to post more of my projects soon. I've started drawing again, so hopefully I can get back into painting and try some illustration for cards or prints.