Monday, January 14, 2013

Refinished Chair

School is back in session, but I used my last day of break to finish up a chair I'd had in the studio for months. It was in really bad shape when I saw it at a yard sale, but I thought it had some great bones for a chair and I hadn't refinished a chair in a while. Guess the guy at the yard sale thought I was crazy for wanting it so he gave it to me! I'm really proud of the transformation. Amazing what cleaning, sanding, a few coats of paint, and some reupholstery can do.
Before and After

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holiday Crafts Posted Late... of course

Christmas is long gone, but I still wanted to post some of the crafts and finds from the holidays. I'm even watching 'Nightmare before Christmas' now, so I'm still in the holidays spirit! :3

Anyway, I tried some new craftiness this holiday by making bath goods from scratch. A friend of mine is going into naturopathic medicine and taking some herbal classes where she is learning how to make lotions, organic remedies, and herbal healing ideas. So, we made bath bombs, lotion, and bath scrubs for Christmas gifts. It was really fun and I can't believe I made lotion! There is something about knowing all the ingredients you put on on your skin that is just wonderful.

As far as awesome Christmas finds, I had to post this adorable Santa mom found. This guy is a kitschy hit, though he only got to be in the shop for a few days before Christmas was over. At least he'll be around for next year too. Hope everyone had a great New Year! Looking forward to more crafty ideas and kitschy finds in 2013!