Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mostly my Life and not much Art

Long time no post. I suppose that's nothing new though. I'm a slow blogger, particularly when trying to "adult." The big news is that I bought a HOUSE! A lovely 1955 Ranch style house with all the retro accents still in tact. I had a fantastic real estate agent - Greg Washington - with Living Room Realty. He's been with my family for three generations of home ownership and helped me find my literal dream first house. :) I'm so happy.

See his sweet blog post here:

Decorating has definitely been the highlight! I'll start sharing more of that as I finish certain areas of the house. Just started working on my art room - the shrunken version of my old art studio. Mom and I used to share, but we've started the process of de-arting the studio. My old room is now going to be mom's art space. *insert Ch-ch-changes song*

Here's a bit of what I've started on my house so far:

Art room progress, one corner at a time - my wall of inspiration.
Rather than hanging up individual pictures, I found these neat wall mount shelves that I can just stack my art on. This is a collection of comicon, gifted, and random art. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my personal art. 

Piano has successfully been moved into a new home. I finally get to put up my "Big Eyes" art. :)
Outside of house decorating, I've been trying to find time to craft on the side. Latest project is trying to utilize my collection of collage papers... Something to confess - I'm a paper hoarder. I save pictures and cut outs for "special" projects. However, special projects aren't planned, so the papers just sit as mine have done for the last three years. So, finally - took some scissors and started collaging my papers on the most un-special craft ever: Votive candles. Not very creative and not very unique, but it's helping me use my supplies and candles like this will be coming to Found on Fremont soon!

Speaking of Found on Fremont, I've still been restocking and working on my vintage/craft space from time to time. It hasn't taken any drastic changes lately, but next month - I'll be moving into yet another new space! This time, with a fellow crafter and vintage lover.
See her blog here:
I'm looking forward to collaborating vintage curiosities and crafty goodness. :D

So, for the last time (just estimating that I probably won't blog for another month) my current space at Found before it becomes a combined effort. :)

To finish off this post and fill y'all in on what I do on a daily 9-5 basis. Here's one of my construction projects in action off in N. Portland. Storm water vault installation at your service - curtesy of the City of Portland.