Saturday, September 3, 2016

It's almost OCTOBER

Sweater and boot weather is nearly upon us. Also, Halloween and fall festivities. I'll finally have a reason to blog because fall is for craftiness!

I don't have too much to post because I've been spending a lot of time thrifting and finding cool old stuff for my space at Found on Fremont. All summer has been the time for estate, garage, and yard sales, which makes great pickings for Found (and a lot of house decor for my aspiring mid century modern house). The space is so packed now that both my vendor partner and I have started using our etsy shops again to list items outside of the shop. 

Right side of the shop - clothing, jewelry, books, linens, etc. etc. etc. 

We've got such a great collection of old books and vinyl for sale! Such fun to shop for. :)
I haven't been crafting as much as I'd like, but I started making my "Buggy Bauble" jewelry again, which is just in time for the Halloween - the only holiday that appreciates dead things. It's become common knowledge that I collect ethically harvested dead bugs, so I have been getting a lot of jarred specimens from friends with the statement, "Please don't give me back the jar." Basically, bugs in your window seal? I'll take 'em. ;) 

Charmy "buggy baubles" of goodness handmade by yours truly. 
Per usual my job takes up most of my time. Committees, leadership programs, numerous pump station projects, and a little bit of my own project management. Having a blast being a part of the 'City that Works.'

Demo Day at a pump station or a doorway to wonderland?!

My favorite day is Demo Day. Honestly could watch the crew do this all day...